Do you believe that you need to be “ready” before you can start?

This. Is. A. LoadOfShit!

There is no such thing as being READY enough to start. If you are holding off because you need to “feel ready”/”improve your mindset”/”get more confidence” FIRST….then you my friend, are just not going to make shit happen.

There is a reason those 7 different self help books haven’t really helped you….

You’ve been staying in your comfort zone. You’ve been comfortable but you wanna change so you read the books, do the exercises, reflect on it all AND…


Because it hasn’t challenged you. Sure, you can work on your mindset and you can read the books or talk about it on Facebook but guess what?

You don’t have skin in the game, so standing still is OKAY.

You don’t have to bend and stretch and expand.

You stay small because you can.

Subconciously you know you can. You’ve never gotten out there, you’ve never built your dreams into an empire, you’ve never gained that confidence to do ANYTHING because you’ve ALLOWED yourself to stay the same.

There is something amazingly powerful with finally investing in yourself. With making decisions that say YES to your dreams and YES to expansion.

You say no to staying the same. You say no to staying brittle and nervous and unaccomplished.

Being those things feels so safe.

I know this because I WENT THRU THIS.

When I hopped on my first EVER discovery call, I told the lady conducting the call (who later became one of my coaches) that I wanted to leave my corporate job in 2-3 years. By the time I was 30, I would finally be “ready” to take the leap.

She practically smacked me into reality and told me just how ridiculous that sounded. DREAM BIGGER.

I had all these excuses, all these safety nets, all these plans of “things” I had to do before I could let myself fly.

I invested into myself and my business and when I got serious with myself and pushed the PLAY instead of PAUSE button on my dreams…. I moved that date up in my head.

Then I put it on the calendar. I said, in 9 months, I want to be free.

Then I pulled it up. In 6 months, I want to do this!!!

What do you know…. In less than 3 months after making that promise to myself, in setting those deadlines….I put in my notice.

Can you imagine how much different my life would be if I had let myself decide that I needed to wait another 2.5 YEARS to be READY?!!

Stop allowing yourself to settle.

Stop thinking your way out of success.

Stop letting your dreams take a backseat to your scarcity mindset and just get out there and do it.

It’s not your mindset that is stopping you. It’s just YOU.

Listen, the world needs YOU. Be fierce and fearless in your passion pursuit.
Michelle Elizabeth

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