Q: How did you get over the hesitation to put your pictures and live videos out for your business?

It just takes one time to put yourself out there for it to get a whole heck of a lot easier. I did my first live stream and was a nervous wreck, but I still did it because I knew it was best for my business. Staying small never got me the results I wanted. Later I saw that massive action did. So I just sucked it up and did it, and knew that I could deal with whatever happened.

For example, any fears I had of repercussions such as people judging me or friends thinking I was shining “too bright”.

The success of my business (and personal growth, boost of confidence as a human being being comfortable in my own skin) was far more important than any adverse reactions.

You find out who is in your corner. Just get out there and do it! Don’t back down.

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