I haven’t had FB for much over a year. I took a long 3 or 4 year hiatus from it during my last year of college.

It sucked my energy. My happiness.

It was draining to me.

When I had social media, every year for Lent I would give it up. And usually, I ended up escaping social media for much longer.

I got my energy back, my happiness started building up again, I felt like I had found myself again.

Take a look around and see if social media is stressing you out. Does a hiatus sound amazing?

If it does, you need to change a few things. I get so sad when I hear about people who need that break because that used to be me, too. And I used to be pretty sad.

I wouldn’t want to be in that place again and I wouldn’t want you to stay there another day either.

Stepping away for so long and then coming back has been so amazing for me because I got to build my social media haven.

Facebook is a happy place for me now.

I unfollow people like nobody’s business. I block people all the time.

I make social media feel good for me, and I don’t let anyone’s rants or politics or sob stories or bad energy come between that.

If you are feeling like social media is overwhelming or you forgot why you’re on it in the first place…do some reflecting and rebuild.

Rebuild your haven from the ground up.

Know what you want to share and why. Know that you can have a space where you are 100% yourself. Where you can be vulnerable and don’t feel like people are judging you.

Where you can be happy and grow.

Where it feels good to hang out, like you’re at an old friend’s house.



Michelle Elizabeth

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