I just saw someone in my Facebook newsfeed mention that they work “harder” on their clients that pay $5k and over…

But let me say…  I think that’s bullshit.

I don’t work “harder” on certain clients because they signed up for my 8 week VIP package and less for the ones who have bought a lower end offer.

I don’t play by that rule, and I would encourage all of my clients to also NOT put less effort into someone based on how much they’ve compensated you.

It’s about serving the client- once they become “mine” (evil laugh) I forget about the money and get into RESULTS MODE because you better believe I am giving you my all.

I don’t care if it’s $97 or $3k.
The way I treat you remains the same.

Let’s start thinking more in terms of SERVICE.

Pour your heart into your clients. Yes, have boundaries, but put your all into your work and who has trusted you to help them.

Let’s not lose sight of your PURPOSE.

Happy clients=happy business….and more money at the end of the day anyway.

So we all win

Yes, VIPS can have bigger and better results because they stay on longer and have 1:1 access and accountability etc etc BUT that thinking of YOU PAID ME LESS SO YOU GET LESS OF MY EFFORT…has got to go.


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