Truth bomb. DO NOT ASSUME!!!!

So, earlier today I was talking about the Work-From-Home-5lbs. Yes, the 5 pounds that I’ve gained since being an entrepreneur and pulling long hours building my empire!

I share that kind of stuff because I’m not ashamed of it, I know how to take control of my life and my current situation, and I feel like so many others can relate!

But, I did get a message or two- one in particular that I feel I need to address.

When someone shares something, this is not your opportunity to jam your program down their throats.


One status does not mean I am a good fit for what you specialize in or have.

I received a message from someone who made this mistake. She was already telling me that we needed to set up a phone call and that she wanted to make sure my weight gain wasn’t tied in with such and such… and that she had an experience and it turned out to be THIS…. and… and….

And that’s when I stopped listening and told her she was barking up the wrong tree.

She made a mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make when they’re first starting out (because I honestly don’t think you can be successful by using this method) of not actually knowing what I needed. She assumed she had the answer and my brain immediately went to shut down mode because before she even finished her first sentence, she wasn’t listening to me.

Please, for the love of all things #entrepreneur and #passion… KNOW WHAT YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENT ACTUALLY NEEDS!!! It may be that they’re not a potential client at all! Or, it may be that they do actually need you, but this horrible strategy of forcing yourself on them WILL NEVER CONVINCE THEM THAT YOU CARE ABOUT THEM!

You do not want your leads to feel like a number. You don’t want you FRIENDS to feel like dollar signs.

If you are truly passionate about what you do, you will NOT go after these people when you don’t actually understand the scope of what they need, and you’ve not actually identified that you can meet their needs with YOUR PROGRAM, YOUR COACHING, YOUR OFFER.

STOP CHASING THE MONEY. Start chasing the passion.

Why did you even start your business? Why do you want to help someone?

If you don’t know the answer to that, you shouldn’t be selling ANYTHING. You will be doing everyone around you a disservice. You will be hurting, not helping.

And you certainly won’t be bringing in an income you can be proud of.

Listen- The world needs YOU. Be fierce & fearless in your pursuit of passion.


Michelle Elizabeth

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